Facebook Revamp

Everything You Need for A Powerful Social Media Presence

Make a Statement with a Customized Facebook Business Page.

If you’re using the standard Facebook page for your organization or don't have a Facebook page, you may be missing a great opportunity.  

Businesses are finding that by creating a Facebook page for their company they are able to reach a wider audience.

 What better way to advertise your company than to promote it on a Facebook page? 

Social media is a staple for the modern day business.  

More and more people are forming an impression of your organization by how well it represents itself on Social Media. 

Let our custom design experts give your Facebook page the Revamp it needs by emphasizing the things you want to get accross to your visitors.

WHAT You Get

  • We get you a loyal fan following that grows with targeted Facebook advertising.

  • We find and post relevant content to your business to keep your fans engaged.

  • We build strong relationships with your fans to keep your business top of mind.
  • 2- 3 posts per week written weekly.
  • Cover/Profile Images.
  • Robust “About Us” to align with Facebook best practices and increase search rankings in new Graph Search.
  • Monthly Modifications to images and contact info.
  • Detailed scorecard to track your success!
  • 30 Minutes of Monthly Consultation.
  • Facebook Advertising – Ads, promoted posts, and sponsored stories.
  • Social Media Analyst Team to handle both ad & post creation.
  • Engaging content & ad/posting strategies refreshed weekly in reaction to page engagement.

OUR 3 Phase Game Plan

Phase 1

Our Social Media Experts (SME's) create and optimize a Facebook Business Profile that's easy to find organically. People who fit your target demographic, in the region you target, can find your Business Profile easily.

Phase 2

To generate the fans on your page, our SME's create a targeted advertising campaign that puts an ad for your business in the news feed, and the coveted advertising spots which draws the user to your page, and what they see when they get there, makes them become a fan.

Phase 3

This is the most cumbersome phase of the whole solution. There are two quality scores Facebook has imposed to make sure the pages are relevant and healthy. They go by:

LCS: Likes/Comments/Shares
PTAT: People Talking About This

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Are you Ready to Revamp?

You have your message, and now you want to tell it to the world. Let us help! With our Social Media Experts, you can be sure that your message will come through loud and clear through posts with photos, video, even motion graphics and animation. Contact CRS Websites and get started today!