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Here is an overview of our web project management process

We have spent years developing and evolving our five step process to maximize efficiency on every project and ensure the highest possible return on investment for our clients. Highly collaborative and meticulously laid out, each project is completed using this process, and our clients couldn’t be happier. Our results speak for themselves.


​The best place to start is at the beginning, and that’s exactly what we do. The team at CRS Websites works diligently to discover everything about our clients’ businesses, from core company values to short and long term objectives. The document and discovery process itself both rely on transparency and dedication, both on our end and on the part of our clients. It ensures a mutual investment from both parties and a solid foundation from which to build the rest of the project, including deadlines, marketing and advertising strategies, creative and technical briefings, design, and development. By keeping our clients’ organizational values in line with our own, it allows for more dynamic communication and ultimately a more effective build. This portion of our process generally lasts between one and two weeks, depending on the size of the project.


After we have completed the inception part of our process, we can begin the creative phase. As each client is unique, so too are their needs. The creation process can include many different things, including print design, interactive design, branding, search engine optimization, multimedia production, and viral marketing. The first step is production of a website map, which is a visual depiction of the skeleton of the website- its pages, along with the life force of the website, which are the actions and user interactions involved. This phase of the process lasts between two and four weeks, depending on the size of the project.


​Once the design and creation phase has been completed, and when an indisputable consensus has been reached, the development work can begin. At this point in the process, our design has been finalized, content has been approved, and it’s time to build it out. Our team of developers possesses a finely tuned skill set, their ultimate goal being to create the best possible user experience for our clients’ customers. We are an Agile company, and our development process reflects that philosophy. Our quality assurance methodology is rigorous. We will not release a site unless it is fully functional and up to the high standards for which our company is known. This process ensures project integrity as well as maximum efficiency. Depending on the complexity and depth of the project, construction and development of the site can take between four and eight weeks.


After project inception, artistic creation, and site construction, we arrive at our favorite part of the process. After all of our work and client meetings, hours poring over sketches and lines of code, hours spent writing content, it’s time to launch. This is an exciting time for both our agency and for our clients. At this point, everything is locked in place. There won’t be any changes from here on out until after the launch of the new site. We schedule a meeting with the client(s) to assure all of their needs have been met and that there are no more questions or concerns. After this we perform yet another round of quality assurance measures, make sure all necessary paperwork is completed and in order, and then one final pre-flight check before the site is launched. Just about any website delivered by CRS Websites will come with an administration panel allowing site stakeholder access to manage all web content onsite. The deployment phase of our process will last one week.


Once the site is launched, CRS Websites begins the process of tracking its success. We apply best practices to our analytics as well as other tracking programs and techniques. We further ensure the client’s return on investment by recommending SEO packages, social media marketing strategy, and other various inbound marketing packages offered in-house. Deep engagement with our clients is key to ensuring long-term success. At our core, CRS Websites is driven to ensure that everything is delivered as requested, on time and within budget. Above all though, we want our clients to be pleased. We rely on word of mouth and recommendations, and we know the only way to ensure that is by providing the best possible service to every client, every time.


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